Alex Mazanti

Alex is such a big part of what we do. You will find him either working at the office helping to prepare for an event or actually working on an event in several different capacities. He is an experienced lighting tech as well as someone who knows enough about the anatomy of an event to make sure that all of the details are executed the way they should be.

Alex has grown up and cut his teeth in this business. He’s not sure where he will eventually end up in life since he is just 18 years old but for now is content being a significant part of what we do. Mom is quite content with that too!

Alex is a self- described nerd who loves video games, and has an almost unhealthy obsession with shoes. He loves Psych, Batman and the Avengers and just realized he likes Sushi (but only if it is tempura fried!)

Angela Harmon

As the mother of two daughters, I knew the day would soon come when I would have to let my girls spread their wings and choose a groom. Several months before my older daughter was wed, I had the opportunity to become the wedding coordinator at my church, and the passion within me was sparked. Since that first experience in 2005 as wedding planner, I have had the opportunity of joining Angela’s team, and have been honored to be a part of many gorgeous events. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a happy bride and groom at the end of their special day!

Lara Scott

Lara went to school to be a pilot, but after working on an event to celebrate a new airline coming to the Atlanta airport, she realized that her calling was in event planning, so she ended up graduating with a minor in event management as well. She loves all of the details that go into an event, especially the paper ones! She has been in the stationery industry for the past 8 years and will talk to you about paper details for hours, whether it be about the type of project, printing process, fonts, or other embellishments like ribbon, envelope liners, jewels or glitter. She loves helping throughout the design process and if you know that you want that extra little touch like a favor or a welcome basket, but are not that into DIY, Lara is your girl! She joined our team in June of 2014 and because of her attention to detail was invited to be a part of our design team. Her favorite part about floral design is in the arranging process and taking each beautiful flower and placing it in just the perfect spot and seeing all of the textures and colors come together.

Lara will always greet you with a huge hug. She loves building relationships and seeing events come together.

We like to call her our ray of sunshine!

Mark Mazanti

Mark Mazanti has been in the lighting industry for over 25 years. He started out by running lights for garage bands and then moved into working on large and small tours. He has found his niche in lighting design for the special event industry. He provides services for everything from corporate events to luxury weddings. Angela lovingly refers to him as a “MacGyver”. “ He is so talented and very good at trouble shooting. Angela says, “I never have to worry if we have unexpected challenges because I know he will figure it out”.

Mark Is so passionate about lighting that he spends countless hours researching the best equipment, the latest technology and the best applications for specific venues in Memphis and Nashville special events. He wants his clients to be extremely happy with what he provides for them and he will always go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

On his off days you will likely find him spending time with his grandchildren Hayden and Chloe. He adores them and they think that he hung the moon!

Parker Kennedy

Parker Kennedy has been a part of our design team for more than a year. Her passion for interior design, as well as flower arranging and gardening has been a driving force in what she does for this company. Besides keeping up with her seven year old son, Coley, she loves working in her garden at home, and especially, decorating for all holidays! She’s an entertainer through and through.

Ryan Redman

Ryan was born in Trinidad and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 20 he moved to Memphis to attend seminary school, where he discovered his love for the creative arts, participating in music and drama and producing several productions.

Ryan enjoys transformation; “I love being able to see something not for what it is but what it could be and seeing an idea to reality. I’ve always called myself a creative. I enjoy putting my hands into anything that allows me to express myself as an artist”. In December of 2013 Ryan came on board as a member of Angela Mazanti Event Design Team. He says;” I love my job; you never know what’s coming next. It could be a wedding, party or a massive fundraiser; every event is different and has its own unique personality. I’m truly blessed that I get to do this and learn and work with such amazing creative people”.

Valarie Witherington

Valarie is married with three children and one grandchild. She’s involved in youth, women’s and outreach ministries at her church. She enjoys crafting and trying DIY projects from Pinterest. Valarie says, “I have always had a love of flowers and gardening”. When her children were small and she was a stay at home mom, she began growing several types of gardens in her yard. She loved having color and textures every season of the year. As time went on she learned to make floral arrangements and wreaths from foraged items in her yard. She say’s “I realized I had a green thumb.”

Valerie started attending Angela’s floral design classes in August of 2014. She was a natural fit and was invited to be a part of the design team. She loves being a part of the team and says that she learns something new with every event.