We as a team strive very hard to make our clients happy enough that they would feel confident recommending our services to their closest friends and colleagues. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy but we sure try with a passion.

It is such a humbling thing to hear your clients and peers say nice things about your level of skill and customer service and it also raises the bar on the level of service that we strive to provide.

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You embraced the vision that Jennings and Kim wanted and made it come alive on all fronts. You communicated well with us and made sure that everyone knew what, when, where and how. It was so awesome that we didn’t want it to end. You impressed us from the reverence of the ceremony to the grandeur of the reception.

We love you,
Johnny Pitts
Chief Manager Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

My day would not have been the same without you… no if, ands, or buts about it!
When I think of the beauty and joy of it all. I still get teary-eyed and I owe much of that to you. Thank you for allowing me to really enjoy that day with my hubby and family, without the stress! Thank you for making it all so gorgeous. You are a woman of God and it really shows in your spirit! I’ll always be grateful.


It was such a honor to work with you on the styled session earlier this year! You are incredibly talented and we love sharing your work! Thank you for everything, we could not have done this without you!

God Bless Your Business
Leilani E,

Dear Angela,
What a beautiful wedding you did for us! Everything was awesome. Something I will never forget. All of the vendors you suggested were exactly what we needed. When I came down stairs the afternoon of the ceremony to see how you had transformed Annesdale into the magical expression of what Amanda and john had wanted, I was just astounded. Thank you for all you did for us to make it such an amazing time for us. I also wanted to tell you how special were those times I got to visit with you. I had a glimpse into the heart of a woman who knows what love is because she’s experiencing the love of Jesus You are displaying the gratitude of that in the way you talk and the things you do in your personal life. God has given you such an amazing talent for design and you have created a tremendous platform to express and reveal him to your clients.

I love you,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful work you did on Kelsey’s wedding. You went way beyond what we expected or hoped for. Both the sanctuary and the reception were beautiful! I cannot tell you what it meant to have your creative touch apparent in every aspect of the day. You have a great team and I was ever so grateful for their willingness to work long, late hours.

Thank you so much,
Jean K.

Dear Angela,
Thank you for providing beautiful floral arrangements for Kerrie Ann and Mike At Home. You added the final touches to make their home so inviting. I appreciate all that you did to make this such a successful Central Gardens Home Tour.

Mary Simon
Florals Chair

It seems I am always on the receiving end of your generosity. You once again provided us with superb service and amazing decor and floral for Kendra’s wedding. You not only have a top-notch business, you have a ministry that touches many as well. The rooms for the reception were more than we could have ever hoped for. People are still coming up to us letting us know how pretty everything was! And it’s all because of you and your team. Thanks again for an incredible evening!

We Love You Guys!
Angela and Alan Harmon

Angela Mazanti is an exceptional lady. Most everyone knows of her vision, talent, dedication, drive and intellectual acumen. It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Angela, my colleague and friend for almost four years. I have had the privilege of working with Angela in multiple capacities covering a broad scope of industries, cultural climates and circumstances. I am constantly amazed and never disappointed when our paths cross. I have worked with Angela with shared customers, sat on boards for industry organizations with her and jointly supported a local business leadership group. I am confident that whatever the need, regardless of the project, Angela has the ability, the knowledge and the drive to tackle it.

Clint Sidle
General Manager

This is a letter of glowing recommendation of Angela Mazanti Events. We have had nothing but the best result and feedback from our guests and partners with the Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC). Her company handles all of the primary staging for our Signature Breakfast Series, which features national guest speakers eight times per year with an average attendance of over 325 business leaders. She also helps with design of our centerpieces and other visual pieces, as well as spearheading all design and staging, and always has everyone in awe. In fact we are still getting compliments from attendees, who truly enjoyed the experience and very unique atmosphere that was created by her staging and design.

Jeremy Park
Director, Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club
Director of Marketing, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

Wow, wow, wow! That’s what I heard over and over all evening at the reception as well as the beautiful flowers at the church. Everything you did at the church was stunning! From the moment guests arrived in the entry to Hardin Hall to the patio. The flowers were so beautiful. We received many and many compliments on the different flower arrangements. Hardin Hall took my breath away. The lighting was amazing, loved the gobo paisley that covered the blue sky, and loved the gobo on the stunning white round dance floor. The tailgate station was great, as well as the groom’s table setup. And we loved the bars! And all of the little details were perfect. Thank you for everything you did!!! Dawn and I are so grateful to you. That night, we heard “best wedding reception ever” over and over. We received so many comments about the elegant and reverent wedding ceremony with the beautiful flowers. And we continue to receive “best wedding reception ever” comments. The Krystal burgers were a big hit, along with the sunglasses. And the band was absolutely wonderful and perfect for our crowd. You orchestrated everything so great to ensure to make a special time for Meredith and Scott, as well as Dawn and me. I could go on and on! So grateful. And enjoyed your team.

Thanks so much!
Russell McDaniel