I’d like to share with you why I do what I do. I just simply love it and believe I was created to do it. Not much (with the exception of family and God) gives me more satisfaction than meeting a client for the first time and walking through their journey with them, getting to know them, creating a custom design for them,  and then presenting them with my gift at the end of our journey. That moment, that instant when what I have created specifically for them is unveiled, is the payoff for me. I am a giver by nature. I give more than is expected and I give more than I promise. I just can’t help it – it’s the way that I’m wired.  My approach to planning and design is pretty laid back. Although I don’t share the same philosophy as some in my field, I find that it works well. I have been told that working with me is like taking a prozac! (I choose to take that as a compliment 🙂 I’d say that my design aesthetic is a little bit of Restoration Hardware, a little bit of Anthropologie, a little bit of Z Gallerie and a whole lot of French opulence (I’m talking the Palace of Versailles folks!) I look forward to walking with you on your event planning or design journey.

Flowers. Well my philosophy on flowers is that they were created to be appreciated as art. I adore flowers. I appreciate the beauty of flowers and the amazing yet subtle effects they have on the psyche. I believe they are a gift to us to enjoy. Although I have trained an amazing event production team and am not always hands-on in the workroom, I always try and personally make my bridal bouquets. I enjoy it and consider it an honor.


Angela Mazanti has been in the business of creating art in the form of interiors, events and weddings for the last 17 years.

Her clients range from residential homeowners who need help creating permanent spaces reflecting their personalities as a family, corporate business owners who need to take their events to the next level (to not only speak to who they are currently but who they project to be in the future), and to brides and grooms looking to create more of a signature event that reflects who they are as a couple. She also regularly works with other vendors on projects that they feel need to be taken to the next level, and Angela takes that very seriously. She realizes that her team’s performance is a direct reflection of that vendor to their VIP clientele.

Angela has been nationally recognized as outstanding in her field and was recently called a “trendsetter” in a feature by “Style Me Pretty”. Her work has been published and featured on numerous covers and features locally, nationally and internationally in publications like the aforementioned “Style Me Pretty”, At Home Memphis & Mid-South( where she is the monthly entertaining contributor), Sweet Violet Bride, Borrowed and Blue, Southern Bride Magazine, The Pink Bride Magazine, Magnolia Rouge, The Bridal Theory, Utterly Engaged Magazine, Enchanted Bride and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine.

Angela Mazanti Event Design has a very talented design team and crew. Their positive attitudes, willingness to work as a team, desire to consistently grow, learn and hone their skills, allow them to rise to the top of the industry. There is no room for negativity, profanity or not being a team player, and it shows. They are graciously welcomed into any venue with open arms because of their professionalism.

Angela is an award winning designer that has developed a real layering process for creating signature events. She designs every event with the intention of every guest in mind and puts everything in place so that everyone is a part of a sensory experience. She believes that to do that you must appeal to all of the senses; for example, the smell of great food, candles and flowers, the touch of beautiful textiles in linens or drapes, the delicious taste of creative and beautifully presented cuisine, the beauty of a perfectly designed atmosphere from flowers, to small details and everything in between, the sound of great music. She says, “If you get these things right you have successfully created a signature event”.